Why Should You Buy Eco-Friendly Water Bottles?

Posted on March 22 2023

If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are that you want to help make the world a better place. And that’s great! Small steps we make towards more sustainable living contribute to a much larger picture – and a much healthier planet. 

One of the easiest ways you can start being more environmentally conscious is by purchasing reusable household goods. And the best way to change your mindset and establish sustainable habits? Investing in an eco-friendly water bottle.

Not sure if you’re ready to ditch the single-use plastic bottle and commit to a lifetime of reusable goodness? We’re here to change that. Keep reading to discover why a sustainable water bottle will change your life.

What Are Eco-Friendly Water Bottles?

Eco-Friendly water bottles are ones that you can use again and again to your heart’s content. They are made from durable and sustainable materials so they don’t cause harm to the planet, including:

  • Aluminium or stainless steel
  • Plastic (but can be reused repeatedly rather than single-use)
  • Glass
  • Silicone

Urban Ethos proudly stocks the brand HIP, who craft unique and sustainable water bottles, coffee cups and food storage containers. Crafted from sugarcane stalks that would have otherwise been thrown away, these water bottles are the definition of sustainability. Made from renewable materials and 100 per cent reusable, you’ll be doing good for the planet every time you refill it! And with its sleek design, HIP’s SUGA Water Bottle may just become your new emotional support water bottle.

Why Buy Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Over Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles?

Honestly, there are so many reasons why reusable water bottles run circles around plastic bottles. Some of these include:

Single-Use Plastic Bottles Are Actually More Expensive

You may be thinking, “how is this possible?” A single-use plastic water bottle retails for around $3 at a local supermarket, whereas HIP’s SUGA water bottles are $12. 

However, according to Sustainability Victoria, bottled water is 2000 times more expensive than tap water. If you wanted to work that money back, you would have to refill your plastic water bottle every day for eight years! And before then, you’d probably lose it or forget about it. Sustainable water bottles are much better for your hip pocket in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Do a Lot More for the Planet

Holding onto and treasuring your favourite water bottle does so much more for the planet than a single-use plastic bottle. Because you’re reusing it continuously, there’s far less risk of it being littered or discarded. In that same Sustainability Victoria report, they state that Australians purchase almost 15 billion plastic water bottles every year, many of which end up in landfill or our waterways, doing harm to the environment. Is this really how we want to continue treating the planet when climate change is already such a pertinent issue?

Sustainable Water Bottles Are More Customisable

Owning a water bottle that you adore the aesthetic of, all of its functions and designs are the key to drinking more water. If you enjoy the appearance of what’s carrying the water, odds are you’ll be drinking it more!

Eco-friendly water bottles are more customisable to your personality and preferences. Let’s face it – single-use plastic water bottles are boring. Who wants to drink out of that when you could have a sand or ocean-coloured water bottle? Call us vain, but we’d pick the pretty choice every single time.

How Do Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Help Fight Climate Change?

Eco-friendly water bottles help fight climate change in an array of ways. Not only does their reusable factor mean that plastic water bottles aren’t ending up in landfill, but they also help to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions damaging the Earth’s atmosphere.

Single-use plastic water bottles require water and oil to be made, and the manufacturing process releases pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Eco-friendly water bottle alternatives don’t require this same amount of water and oil to be created, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the planet thrive.

Opting for a reusable water bottle made from materials such as sugar cane stalks or stainless steel removes the amount of plastic from the earth 

that would’ve been used to produce single-use bottles. This relieves the burden placed on our waterways, landfill and environment.

Buy Eco-Friendly Water Bottles From Urban Ethos

Urban Ethos is the best place to shop for all your sustainable needs. We are on a mission to change consumer habits to live healthier, more sustainable lives that benefit the planet rather than harm it. We specialise in selling planet-conscious household products that will slot in perfectly to your kitchen, bathroom, cleaning and lifestyle.

Our range of eco-friendly water bottles is like no other. Affordable and crafted from renewable, recyclable and sustainable materials, you’ll fall in love at first sip. See for yourself and shop our range of reusable water bottles online today, or contact us for further information and assistance.

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