Mother Nature is struggling with ecologically damaging production processes, and plastics taking years upon years to degrade, contaminating her ecosystem. Here at Urban Ethos, we recognise the necessity for an ecologically conscious kitchen, especially with the amount of waste that is generated as a result of the kitchen’s main objectives: cooking and, subsequently, cleaning. Because we understand this so well, we’ve partnered with a huge array of brands to deliver a number of eco-friendly kitchen products to you, the general public that has a vested interest in the sustenance and improvement of our natural environment.

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Products: Produced with The Future in Mind.

It’s our utmost goal here at Urban Ethos to be ethically responsible and to meet the highest standards of eco-certification, meeting standards like being completely vegan and having certifications from EcoCert, ensuring that our products are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Our kitchen range boasts many products from like-minded companies producing eco friendly products, such as:

All of these brands have approached the manufacturing of their environmentally friendly products using the same ethical mindset that we pride ourselves on so much.

It’s because of these partnerships and the trust that we have in our partners that we can so confidently enter and remain in the market with such high ambitions for our brand.

Buy Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

Support the cause and be part of the solution

Buying our eco-friendly products is not simply a charitable drop in the ocean. It’s an investment in the future of humanity and the ecosystem in which we coexist.

Our kitchen products aim to be the solution to the qualms of nature and its woes. Our SugarWrap products, for instance, utilise sugarcane Bio-PE renewable materials to compete with the petroleum-based plastic products in the market, aiming to change the landscape and the standard of plastic wrapping in a way that benefits the environment rather than detracting from it.

The famous Ecoffee Cup brand is also looking to be a part of our solution by partnering with us, providing their BPA, BPS and phthalate-free coffee cups as a reusable alternative to the disposable coffee cups that litter the coffee industry and our streets.

These brands, along with FreshPaper and Eco Turtles, are bravely exploring the frontier of effective kitchen goods produced in a modern way while also producing a range of environmentally friendly kitchen products, so don’t hesitate and be a part of the solution today: buy eco-friendly kitchen products today.