Eco Kitchen Plastics

Eco Kitchen Plastics

SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags - Medium
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 4 reviews
SugarWrap Eco Zipper Bags - Sandwich
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 9 reviews
SugarWrap Eco Zipper Bags - Large
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 6 reviews
SugarWrap SugarWrap Eco Freezer Bags Large 50 PK
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Based on 1 review
SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags - Large
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 10 reviews


If you’re ready to revolutionise your food prep and transform your cooking space into a truly sustainable kitchen, stocking it with eco-friendly kitchen plastics is the best way to get started. From bin liners and freezer bags to zipper bags and cling wrap, get ready to spruce up your kitchen with Urban Ethos’ highly effective and environmentally sustainable kitchen plastics.  

Cook better with eco friendly kitchen plastics

Your kitchen is the life blood of your home. It’s the heart that keeps the vessels of your house pumping – the source of where all nutrition in your home is born. You don’t need a ‘green thumb’ or be a ‘green machine’ to “greenify” your kitchen and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Replacing your traditional single-use plastics with biodegradable and recyclable alternatives will help you cook better, cook cleaner and cook greener.

Eco friendly rubbish bags: our ‘sweet’ alternative

You wouldn’t ordinarily think of bin liners as being ‘sweet’. But that’s exactly what our SugarWrap eco friendly rubbish bags are – crafted especially from natural sugarcane.

Ideal for kitchen, fruit, vegetable and garden waste, our packs of 30 biodegradable garbage bags are vegetable-based. They’re the perfect solution for those looking for cleaner, greener alternatives to traditional waste disposal. 

Don’t ever buy traditional single-use garbage bags anymore. Our ‘sugary’ renewable bin liners are the path of the future.

Revitalising food prep with eco friendly cling wrap

Conventional plastic cling wrap may be convenient and protect your foods, but it’s a toxic stain on the environment.

Regular cling wraps are extremely difficult to recycle and are crafted from unsustainable materials like polyethylene, PVC and PVDC.

Eco friendly cling wraps are your solution – 100% home compostable, biodegradable, completely home safe plus they break down in around 12-24 weeks.

Uniquely crafted with Corn based PLA, our vegetable-based eco friendly cling wrap will completely rejuvenate your food prep experience, as you protect your food and protect your environment.

Eco friendly freezer bags

Say goodbye to traditional single-use plastic freezer bags forever. Our eco-friendly freezer bags are crafted from sugarcane Bio-PE renewable material, completely replacing the traditional petroleum-based plastics that consume the conventional kitchen.

Keep your goods safe in the freezer with a high-quality, durable and microwaveable SugarWrap freezer bag that doesn’t contribute to climate change (which melts polar ice caps – rather than keeping them frozen)!

Your key to a greener kitchen

Our eco-friendly kitchen plastics are your ticket to a healthier, cleaner and greener kitchen. Browse our store and start transforming your cooking experience today for the better.