With the state our planet is in, there's never been a more important time to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Swapping out your everyday items for sustainable replacements is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact, and there's no brand that understands this better than Urban Ethos.

At Urban Ethos, we strive to help you live your happiest, most sustainable life. We've got you covered for all your eco-friendly needs, and that's why we stock HIP products. HIP offers a variety of sustainable alternatives to common household items, including water bottles, coffee cups and storage containers. Shop the collection today and start making a difference.


What Are Eco-Friendly Products?

Eco-friendly products are made from sustainable materials, like bamboo, sugarcane or recycled plastics. Many of these items have reusable designs that reduce environmental waste, allowing you to use them over and over again. By making the switch to eco-friendly products, you can help reduce your own carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet for everyone.
From water bottles to coffee cups, HIP has your sustainable needs covered! All of their products are made from recycled and renewable materials, and feature innovative designs that make them easy to use and maintain. Plus, all of the items in their collection have been tested for durability, so you know they will last. Make the switch today and start living a more sustainable life! It's never been easier to do your part for the planet.


Eco-Friendly HIP Products

Reusable Water Bottles

To begin living a more environmentally friendly life, one of the simplest goods to quit using is single-use plastic water bottles. And there's no better way to do so than with the HIP SUGA Water Bottle. Made from sugarcane stalks that would have otherwise been discarded, this water bottle is the definition of sustainable Made with renewable materials and comes with the perfect carry handle, so you'll be taking this water bottle with you everywhere you go!

Reusable Coffee Cups

Another easy lifestyle change you can make is to take a reusable coffee cup with you on the go rather than the single-use options cafes provide. The MOKA 350ml Reusable Coffee Cup from HIP is available at Urban Ethos and comes in colours pebble and sand. This miraculous cup is made from repurposed coffee grounds and husks that would have otherwise been thrown away, drastically minimising waste.
With an easy sip-through cover and textured base for easy holding, you bear to part from this wonderful cup. If you like your coffees strong and hot, you'll love the MOKA 475ml Reusable Coffee Cup.

Food Storage Containers

Food containers from HIP are the perfect way to store your favourite foods while reducing plastic waste. Crafted from plastic found discarded in the ocean, these containers are fueled with the purpose of improving our planet. Store your lunch in the airtight 1.5L Square Container, easy to open and close and perfect for on the go.
Can't get enough of HIP's food containers? Then their Storage Bundle will be perfect for you! This bundle includes one container of every size in the range, giving you the chance to explore all the possibilities of HIP's food storage collection.


Shop Eco-Friendly HIP Products and Contribute to a Better Planet

At Urban Ethos, we're proud to stock HIP's sustainable products. From water bottles and coffee cups to food storage containers, these eco-friendly items are a great way to reduce your own personal environmental impact. And you don't have to sacrifice style for practicality, either. HIP's products come in a range of styles and colours, so you can be sure to find the perfect item for your needs.

Shop the collection today and start living a more conscious life! You'll be doing your part for the planet in no time.