Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable Coffee Cups

Hip MOKA Reusable Coffee Cup 475ml - Pebble
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Hip MOKA Reusable Coffee Cup 475ml - Sand
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Hip MOKA Reusable Coffee Cup 350ml - Pebble
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We create super fun & vibrant reusable coffee cups

Urban Ethos stocks reusable coffee cups that are eco-friendly and wonderfully colourful. If you’re someone who has been looking for simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint, we’ve got your back with these uber fun and colourful coffee cups. Forget chucking all that unnecessary paper and plastic into the bin after your morning latte - pick up one of these babies and enjoy it guilt-free!

To be real, though, many people are unaware that takeaway coffee cups aren’t actually recyclable. They may look all tree-friendly and cardboardy, but they are lined with a particular plastic film that makes them a hazard for the environment and an absolute nuisance for professional sorters. Don’t put that pain on the sorters and our environment - buy a reusable coffee cup today and feel good about getting your morning (or afternoon or… evening?) buzz on.


Why Australia should get around reusable coffee cups

As we said, takeaway vessels aren't recyclable. This means, if they are not accidentally thrown into the recycling, they will make their way to where they are technically supposed to go: landfill. But us Aussies do love a morning espresso: from the trendiest inner-city hipster to the toughest cross-country truckie, we love coffee, and use an estimated three billion takeaway coffee cups every year!

This could be fine if they were recyclable but, errr, they’re not. It’s anyone’s guess how many of these deliciously naughty containers end up in our forests, parks, oceans and rivers. And look, we don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but if you are someone who wants to minimise their impact on the environment and work towards a greener future, our cups are the perfect place to start. What’s more, they come in a range of groovy colours and shades that make them ultra cool for the eco-conscious coffee connoisseur. 


Our environmental commitment

Urban Ethos was created as a way of bringing cleaner products into the home. We understand that it can be difficult to find eco-friendly cleaners and lifestyle goods, and we are here to change that. We want people to have absolute access to eco-friendly products and ours are a great place to start. 

From cleaning tablets to floor rinsers, kitchen wraps and these awesome little coffee cups, you can be sure that when you pick up some of our goods you won’t be maintaining the home in a hazardous way.