Water Bottles

Amidst the current climate crisis, every decision matters with regard to protecting the environment. Thankfully, finding simple, eco-friendly ways to make a difference in the world is easier than you'd think. 

Take, for example, choosing a reusable water bottle over harmful, single-use plastic alternatives. Reusable water bottles are eco-friendly in that they not only keep plastic waste out of our oceans and landfills, but also create zero waste.

What Are HIP Storage Containers?

At Urban Ethos, our line of eco-friendly reusable water bottles from the sustainable HIP brand are an excellent and affordable option for reducing your personal waste and overall carbon footprint. Plus, they’re stylish, chic, and great for work, the gym, or travelling. It’s a win-win!
Why buy yet another plastic container when HIP water bottles look great and are kinder to the planet? HIP water bottles are available in various 
colours: pebble, sand, ocean, and sky. They also come in a stylish and practical design that is easy to carry or store in a purse or backpack.

Each of our HIP water bottles holds 650ml of liquids, perfect for carrying around enough water with you without being too bulky or heavy. They are also made from sugarcane stalks that would otherwise go unused. Other features of our HIP water bottles include:

  • Size of 6cm x 6cm x 24cm
  • Easy carry silicone handle
  • Recyclable
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Lightweight

Why Use HIP Water Bottles in Australia?

Choosing a HIP water bottle is a small step towards making our planet a greener place. Using eco-friendly water bottles is one of the best and easiest decisions you can make for the environment and your overall health.

Conventional plastic bottles contribute to landfill waste and require high-grade production resources that pollute our planet, whereas eco-friendly water bottles give you access to healthy, clean drinking water wherever you go. By purchasing an eco-friendly HIP bottle and filling it up frequently, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but stay hydrated throughout the day. Not to mention, HIP water bottles are stylish accessories that show off your commitment to reducing your environmental impact!

Whether you’re a hiker, avid gym goer, love taking long walks after work, or just like having a full drink of water on you while working or on the go, our reusable HIP bottles are for you!

Buy Eco-Friendly Water Bottles- Support the Cause And Be Part of the Solution

At Urban Ethos, we specialise in sourcing and developing eco-conscious brands that produce sustainable products. Making a positive environmental impact is our objective, and we strive to provide you with a great selection of everyday items that achieve this. 

It’s never been easier to take small steps towards bettering our planet than by choosing sustainable products like our reusable HIP water bottles. In opting for these reusable alternatives to plastic, we inherently waste less and contribute to a greener earth. Our range of reusable, eco-friendly HIP SUGA Water Bottle 650ml at Urban Ethos come in colours sand, ocean, sky, and pebble.

Our promise to consumers is to always bring you the best range of ethically responsible and sustainable brands that meet the greatest standards of eco-certification. It’s our mission to make it easy for you to feel comfortable about your purchasing decisions and have a positive impact on the environment!

Each of these great reusable water bottle options from HIP provides an easy solution to single-use waste. Be part of the solution today and invest in a stylish and affordable reusable HIP water bottle! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Hip SUGA Water Bottle 650ml - Sand
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Based on 2 reviews
Hip SUGA Water Bottle 650ml - Ocean
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Based on 2 reviews
Hip SUGA Water Bottle 650ml - Sky
Rated 4.5 out of 5
Based on 2 reviews