What is the Ecocert Organic and Natural Cosmetics Certification?

Posted on August 11 2023

To make sure all of our cleaning products are as eco-friendly as possible, Urban Ethos goes through all the necessary measures. While certification might seem like a simple process, we want to ensure that our customers are investing in the right product by obtaining credentials that are as rigorous as possible. 

For this reason, all of our organic and natural origin of cosmetic products go through an in-depth certification process. This certificate comes from an international-recognised body called Ecocert. They support companies in their efforts to be more sustainable and set the standard for eco certificates. 

Ecocert certificates follow a strict set of agreed-upon guidelines. We have worked hard to make sure that all of our products, from manufacturing to delivery, follow these rules. 

So when you see their logo on our products, we are proud to be certified by such a prestigious group. Read on to find out more about Ecocert, and what it means for making your household green. 

What is Ecocert?

For over 30 years, Ecocert has practised sustainable methods through consulting, certification and by providing knowledgeable assistance. 

With over 80,000 clients helped so far, Ecocert is an internationally recognised label that sets an industry standard. That includes worldwide as well as here in Australia.

Ecocert is an independent certification organisation that helps businesses worldwide. They strive to encourage and support environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.

They have provided environmental certifications to over 80,000 businesses and focus on every type of business operation. 

This covers: 

  • Certifying ingredients 
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Shipping 

Since their expansion, they now cover farming, cosmetics, textile and many other industries in an effort to support the environment. A cause we are excited to be a part of. 

With the COSMOS certification (Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard), every stage from manufacturing to delivery conforms to the eco-friendly standards set by Ecocert. 

Our eco-cleaning products carry the Ecocert seal of approval after rigorous testing at every stage. By marking our products sustainable and eco-friendly, our certification ensures that you’re picking products that are much safer than traditional cleaning products. 

How To Get The Ecocert Certification

Getting an Ecocert certification is a very involved process. However, if you are interested in how it works, then here are the steps for getting an Ecocert certification

  1. Request a certification
  2. Sign contract
  3. Initial audits are done by Ecocert
  4. Ecocert reviews application
  5. Certificate granted

It's a rigorous process with many steps, but one we endevour to be fully qualified in for all of our products. The process consists of an independent certification body that assesses the conformity of a product, service or system with environmental and social requirements specified.

At the end of the certification process, Ecocert makes a decision based on its findings and will decide whether to award the product or service with a certificate in its specific category. 

With these steps that we follow, all of our cleaning products, such as our 

eco-cleaning tablets and reusable cleaning bottles are sustainably sourced and safe to use. 

Which Of Our Products Are Ecocert Certified?

All of our cleaning products are certified by Ecocert Group. The Ecocert qualification by COSMOS comes with the following guarantees: 

  • Environmentally friendly production and processing
  • Development of the concept of green chemicals
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Respect of biodiversity
  • Absence of petrochemical ingredients ( except for authorised preservatives) like parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colourants
  • Absence of GMO
  • Recyclable packaging


How to identify an Ecocert product 

An Ecocert-certified product may be identified in various ways, depending on the type of product (food, cosmetics, detergents, etc.). The easiest way to check is by reading the labels to find one of the following:

  • The wording "certified by Ecocert"
  • The Ecocert certification logo
  • The name of the standard

We are happy that Ecocert shares our mission to promote sustainable habits. With all of our cleaning products being certified, you know you will be helping the environment and staying safe when you buy from us. 

View our shipping and returns policy and contact us if you have any questions. To make things even better, you can get free shipping on all Australian orders over $50. Keep your lifestyle sustainable and healthy with Urban Ethos!

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