Reusable Cleaning Bottles

It only takes one bottle to change the course of history.

Most cleaning bottles on the market today are built to be used once and then thrown away – forgotten, never to be sprayed again and destined to end up in landfill. In fact, Australians consume a massive 130kg of plastic per person every year – and we recycle less than 12% of that.

But with Urban Ethos reusable cleaning bottles, you’ll never have to buy a regular bottle again.

These bottles truly are ‘bottles for life’ - use them over and over, to your heart’s content.

Reusable spray bottles: saving the world, one spray at a time

Gone are the days of cleaning your kitchen and your bathroom with the rubbish-destined regular single-use bottle.

Our multipurpose reusable spray bottles clean every surface in your house – from the kitchen benches and the stove to the sink and the bathtub.

Crafted from mega-robust PET plastic, you can rest assured that our Eco Turtles Reusable Spray bottles won’t leak – they’re specifically devised not to crack when dropped.

Every time you spray and wipe your surfaces, be it at home or at your office, you’ll be helping end the throwaway culture whilst simultaneously creating immaculately pristine surfaces.

Reusable sanitiser bottles: Keeping you (and the environment) safe 

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, Urban Ethos are committed to keeping you safe with powerful and reusable sanitiser bottles.

It’s now more important than ever to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning practices, as our oceans are hit hard with hand sanitiser bottles and face mask pollution. 

Our cleaning tablets are designed to kill bacteria, rapidly dissolves into water and emits a magnificent eucalyptus smell. 

You’ll get hundreds of ‘safe sprays’ from our reusable sanitiser bottles, keeping yourself healthy, your surfaces immaculate and protecting our environment from the dangers of single-use plastics.

Our eco friendly cleaning bottles cater to all kinds of cleaning

But there’s a lot more where that came from. Browse our store and discover the wide range of incredible reusable cleaning bottles we’ve got in stock.

Whether it’s a reusable bottle for your bathroom, floor or kitchen, there’s certainly the perfect eco-friendly cleaning bottle for you here at Urban Ethos.

And we practice what we preach.

Our sustainable cleaning tablets come with EcoCert certification guarantees, so you can be sure our products are created with environmentally friendly methods.