Why Airtight Food Storage Containers Are So Useful

Posted on October 30 2023

If you love to eat healthy and sustainably, then you know the joys of going down to the local farmers market and picking up some fresh fruits and veggies. Whilst these perishables are as natural as you can get, they do tend to go off rather quickly (especially the avos). 

Keeping your fruit in the fruit bowl looks nice, but if you don’t eat them quickly, then you could end up wasting them. The same goes for the veggies, and other perishables that you put in the fridge. Sure they stay fresh for longer, but the coldness of the fridge always seems to take out the zesty taste that you were undoubtedly looking forward to. 

That’s where airtight food storage containers come in, the unsung Australian heroes of healthy salads, school lunches and traditional home recipes.


The Benefits of Airtight Food Storage Containers

Using airtight containers for food storage at home comes with a variety of benefits. Let's take a look at some of them now:


Preservation of Freshness

Airtight containers help maintain the original quality, flavour, and texture of the food by preventing air and moisture from getting in. With no air, perishables can last just as long as they would in the fridge without losing their fresh taste.


Waste Reduction

Now that you’re preserving the quality of food for longer periods of time, you can help reduce food waste, which is a huge problem in Australia

Reusable food storage containers also adds to this action for sustainable living, as they help reduce waste (plastic or otherwise) even further by being used multiple times. 


Organised Storage

Many airtight containers are stackable, making it they are easy to organise in your pantry and cupboards, and free up space in your fridge.



When the containers are airtight, it also means they can safely transport liquids or moist foods without any problems of leaking. Put them in a bag or your car, and as long as they are sealed, you can trust there being no mess.


Maintaining Nutritional Value

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the fact that limiting exposure to air helps retain the nutritional value of the food.

In essence, airtight containers help in keeping your food safe, fresh, and of high quality for longer periods.


What Types of Airtight Food Storage Containers are There?

With so many reasons to buy food containers, you might be tempted to go off and buy straight away. The only problem is that you’ll soon run into the problem of being spoiled for choice and not being able to find the right container for you. 

Let's break down what types of food storage containers there are, so you know exactly what to go for. 



Large Size

This is typically about 4L big, meaning you can fit in large produce like lettuce, melon, cauliflower, marrow, and cucumber. Anything that would take up valuable space in the fridge can be stored elsewhere.  


Medium Size

A standard container that is more easily taken on the go, perfect for picnics or family lunches. Still room for the essentials like apples, bananas, carrots, salads or berries. 


Small Size

Less than 1L, these are perfect for snacks and can stay with you on the move. Whether at work, school or in the car, you can keep berries, nuts, and sandwiches with you. 


Sustainable Food Storage Containers

Environmental Impact

Sustainable containers can be reused many times, minimising the reliance on single-use plastics. Some sustainable containers are made from materials that are biodegradable, reducing landfill waste and leave a lower carbon footprint. 


Economic Advantages

Although sustainable containers might have a higher upfront cost, their durability often makes them more cost-effective over time, especially when you only need one for many years. Looking at the quality of the materials used is a great indicator of how long it will last. 


Supporting Sustainable Practices

By choosing sustainable containers, consumers support industries and practices that are more environmentally responsible. Now you can change the way you shop in a way that keeps Australia thinking eco-friendly. 


The Best Airtight Containers Australia

If you want to go that extra eco-friendly step, try the range of airtight food containers at Urban Ethos. They come with unique benefits such as: 

  • Made from Ocean Plastics
  • Easy to Open & Close
  • Lots of Sizes Available
  • BPA- Free

Made from Ocean-bound plastics, these recycled and reusable food storage containers are designed for multi-use and can be stored anywhere. Their tough materials also make them perfect for heating and serving food. 


Where Do I  Buy Large Airtight Containers For Food Storage?

At Urban Ethos you can buy the perfect airtight food containers in a number of pleasing colours and a range of sizes: 

  • 300ml food storage containers
  • 900ml food storage containers
  • 1.5L food storage containers
  • 2L food storage containers
  • 2.5L food storage containers
  • 4L food storage containers
Shop today at Urban Ethos and contact us if you have any questions or just want to learn more about what we do.

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