How To Keep Your Fruit and Vegetables Fresh with FreshPaper

Posted on October 30 2023

Every Australian enjoys the taste of fruit and veggies when it's fresh, especially if you got your goodies from the local farmers market. The only problem is, when you go fresh, your perishables seem to go off too quickly. 

Keeping your fruit and veg in the fridge is one solution, but even then they seem to taste stale after just a day or two inside. That’s where FreshPaper, comes in, a marvellous invention that’s a breeze to use, cheap, and keeps your perishables fresher for far longer. Let's jump into keeping your food fresh, and how to keep your vegetables looking gloriously green. 


Why You Should Keep Your Fruit and Vegetables Fresh

Keeping Fruit Fresh

Nutritional Value

Fresh fruit retains its nutritional content, meaning it not only tastes better but keeps hold of its essential vitamins and minerals.


Economic Savings

Keeping fruit fresh reduces the likelihood of spoilage, minimising food waste. So if you want to be more eco-friendly, you can look at storing your fruits and veggies in airtight food containers or eat them fresh straightaway. 


Keeping Vegetables Fresh

Safety and Hygiene

Just like fruit, keeping vegetables fresh maintains its favour but also keeps them safe to eat. With larger vegetables, like cauliflower or lettuce, it may be difficult to tell if they have gone off before you cut them open. Keeping these types of vegetables fresh is paramount in eating safe and hygienic food. 


Sustainable Living

Storing fresh vegetables allows you to make the most of the produce from local farmers and markets and reduce your carbon footprint. Fresh produce travels less after all and saves on transport energy costs


Why Shouldn’t You Freeze Fruit & Vegetables? 

Some people may be tempted to freeze their veggies to use for later, but this comes with its own set of problems. 


Flavour Alteration

Some vegetables might undergo subtle taste changes in flavour after being frozen. We’re not quite sure what causes it, all the ingredients are still there, but the taste profile always feels a bit flat afterwards. 


Nutrient Loss

Although freezing preserves most nutrients, certain vitamins like Vitamin C might degrade over time. You could end up losing valuable nutrients that go into your balanced daily diet. 


Freezer Burn

Inadequate packaging or prolonged storage may lead to freezer burn on the surface of your veggies. This layer of frost is hard to remove and isn’t very tasty.



Unlike fresh vegetables, an annoyance of frozen ones is that you have to wait for them to thaw. This takes time, so if you are having a busy day or just plain forgot, you won’t be enjoying a salad anytime soon. 

With all these problems of freezing vegetables, you’ll be glad to know that when you use Freshpaper, you don't need to freeze your vegetables at all! 


What is FreshPaper for Produce?

FreshPaper is a clever little invention that can change how you keep your food fresh. It's a small piece of paper made with certain spices that stop bacterial and fungal growth in perishables, keeping them fresh for far longer. Let's explore how it began and how it works: 



As a teenager, Kavita Shukla visited her grandmother in India and accidentally drank some tap water whilst brushing her teeth. Her grandmother gave her a homemade spice tea, wisely saying it would prevent her from getting sick. And it did! Kavita became intrigued by the potential of the spices in the tea, and sought a way to apply them to food. 

Kavita began experimenting with the spices, eventually developing and specialising a formula of spices that inhibited bacterial and fungal growth. Her discovery transformed into a radical science project, and eventually, as she recognised its potential to keep food fresh, she developed FreshPaper.

FreshPaper is now a patented & award-winning innovation that has been featured by; The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, The Today Show, Real Simple, Oprah, Mother Nature Network, and Forbes since its launch at a farmer’s market. 


How Do You Use FreshPaper?

It's easy! Simply place one small sheet of FreshPaper into an open fridge drawer, fruit bowl, carton, bag or container (non-air-tight) filled with perishable food. As long as the FreshPaper is right next to the fruit or vegetables, it will keep them fresh!  


How Long Do the FreshPaper Sheets Last For?

Once in use, the sheets stay active for up to a month or until their naturally delicious sweet and spicy scent fades. The sheets can last up to two years in their original packaging, so be sure to keep the packet closed at all times.

With just eight sheets from Urban Ethos, you can get approximately a 2 month’s supply. That’s sure to save you money in the long run! 


Where to Buy FreshPaper in Australia

You can buy all your FreshPaper at Urban Ethos, in an eight-pack or a bundle of eight packs. By buying in bulk, you can save yourself over $10 straight away! 

Contact us if you have any questions and join our rewards club to get even more value out of your fresh fruits and veggies.

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