6 Eco-Friendly Products to Buy in 2023

Posted on August 02 2023

In today's society, there is a significant trend towards purchasing eco-friendly products. But what exactly are these products, and why is it such a significant shift to opt for environmentally friendly goods?


What are Eco-Friendly Products?

Eco-friendly products, also known as environmentally friendly products or green products, are designed and manufactured to minimise their negative impact on the environment. These products are created using sustainable materials, energy-efficient processes, and environmentally responsible practices throughout their lifecycle.

Eco-friendly products aim to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, minimise waste generation, and protect ecosystems. They are often made from renewable or recycled materials, such as organic fabrics, recycled plastics, or sustainably harvested wood. These products may also be designed to be durable, reusable, or easily recyclable.


Why You Should be Buying Environmentally-Friendly Products in 2023

In 2023, there are many compelling reasons why you should prioritise buying eco products – especially when considering the environmental impact of plastic products. Here are some key reasons to consider buying greener:


1. Environmental Impact 

Plastic products significantly contribute to environmental degradation. Their production relies on fossil fuels, leading to carbon emissions and aggravate climate change. By opting for eco alternatives to plastic, such as reusable bags, bottles, or biodegradable packaging, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


2. Reduction of Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste poses a severe threat to our ecosystems, mainly marine life. Plastics often end up in our oceans, where they harm marine animals through ingestion and entanglement.


3. Resource Conservation

Plastic is derived from non-renewable resources like petroleum, contributing to resource depletion. In contrast, environmentally friendly products prioritise using sustainable materials, such as bioplastics made from renewable resources, like cornstarch or bamboo.


4. Health and Safety

Plastic products, particularly those containing harmful chemicals like phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA), can have negative impacts on human health. By opting for greener alternatives, which are often free from such harmful substances, you prioritise your well-being.


5. Waste Reduction and Recycling

Plastic waste is notorious for its long decomposition time and its challenges for proper disposal. Green products, on the other hand, are designed to minimise waste generation and facilitate recycling.


6. Market Influence

As consumer demand for eco-friendly products increases, your purchasing choices directly impact the market. By consciously choosing eco options over plastic products, you send a strong signal to businesses that there is a demand for sustainable alternatives. 


Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Products

Any sustainable product is a good product, in our eyes. But some of our favourites include:


1. Food Storage

Food storage is a massive component of any kitchen, usually consisting of a drawer or cupboard full of plastic containers. Why not swap these out for higher quality, planet-friendly options? Eco-friendly food storage products make a significant difference for the environment when compared to single-use and plastic alternatives. At Urban Ethos, any of our Hip containers will elevate your kitchen in a sustainable and stylish fashion.


2. Reusable Coffee Cups

If you want to make a difference for the planet, it’s time to ditch the single-use coffee cups for reusable alternatives. Doing so is made easy with the reusable coffee cups in stock at Urban Ethos, which combine clean, user-friendly designs with sustainable materials.


3. Water Bottles

Living environmentally consciously is all about making subtle but impactful changes to your lifestyle, such as through the everyday products you use. An easy place to start is by investing in a sustainable water bottle. Ditch wasteful plastic bottles or single-use cups for a stylish addition to your every day with a Suga water bottle from Urban Ethos – and know you’re leading a healthier, more environmentally friendly life.


4. Toilet Papers

We all need toilet paper, and we go through a lot of it in our lifetime. So consider using greener options and know you’re making a difference. This Bamper toilet roll is super soft and made with sustainable, forest-friendly bamboo.


5. Tissues

The same said for toilet paper goes for tissues. Why not touch your skin with soft, environmentally friendly tissue paper? These 100% premium bamboo tissues will have you wondering why you didn’t switch earlier.


6. Laundry Tablets

Not only for the environment but for what you put on your skin, eco laundry tablets are game changers. These tablets have a very low carbon footprint and consist of all-natural ingredients.


Buying Eco-Friendly Products from Urban Ethos

At Urban Ethos, we offer eco-conscious options that put sustainability and ethical practices first. By purchasing from us, you can make a positive impact on the environment, support responsible production, and be part of a movement towards a greener and more conscious way of living.

Our range of products can be used for storing food, in the washroom, doing your laundry, drinking coffee and water on the go, and more. Start living more sustainably today and shop our range. For more information, get in touch.

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