Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Bamper 100% Bamboo Premium Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls
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Based on 38 reviews
Bamper 100% Bamboo Super Soft Toilet Paper - 36 Rolls
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Based on 16 reviews
Bamper 100% Bamboo Premium Toilet Paper - 6 Pack
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Based on 7 reviews
Bamper Bamper Pack - 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper & Tissues
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Based on 5 reviews
Bamper Bamper Single Toilet Roll
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Make the move to sustainable choices, even in the bathroom. Highly consumable products like toilet paper are easy to overlook when moving to more conscious shopping habits. After all, how much damage can toilet paper production do? You would be surprised by the impact you can have by switching to bamboo toilet paper and supporting responsible forestry practices. You are about to discover the best bamboo toilet paper in Australia, made with you and the planet in mind. Each roll of eco-friendly toilet paper is made with forest-friendly bamboo, farmed using responsible forestry practices. No natural habitats or animals are disturbed in the making. Instead, we plant more trees in their place. 


Why Buy Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Making the switch to sustainable shopping is a critical part of reducing the harmful effects of global warming. We all have a personal responsibility to make our money talk to the corporations who pollute our planet. When you buy bamboo toilet paper, you influence the supply and demand of eco-friendly toilet paper and similar, ethical products! 

Better yet, you buy bamboo toilet paper knowing that each roll is made in a forest-friendly environment, without any chlorine bleach, ink, or dyes. Our eco-friendly toilet paper is free of scents and chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. Similarly, the toilet paper is 3-ply and incredibly soft on the skin, physically. This includes a hypoallergenic certification for those who need extra care. 


Biodegradable Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Did you know that traditional toilet paper —and even recycled toilet paper— tends to clog pipes and septic systems around Australia? That’s because traditional toilet paper does not truly break down. On the other hand, bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable and works well with most septic tanks. It’s easy on infrastructure and leaves your plumbing in the same shape it was found. 


Support Responsible Forestry Practices 

One of the best things about bamboo toilet paper in Australia is that it is FSC certified as being made by way of responsible forestry and paper pulp processing practices. The best effort is made to protect natural biodiversity in the area where the bamboo is harvested, and trees are replanted regularly. You can count on us to be certifiably sustainable and conscious of the environment. 

Plus, enjoy free delivery with all subscription orders over 30 dollars when you enter the code SUBSCRIBE at checkout. Keep your bathroom fully stocked and keep an eye on the environment with our eco-friendly toilet paper services.