Eco Garbage Bags

SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags - Medium
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SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags - Large
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As much as we all strive to be 100% sustainable, households will continue to have waste that needs disposing of from everyday life. There are things we can do on our part that work towards reducing landfill and overall waste. Harmful waste in the form of petrol-based plastic bags that aren't renewable or sustainable are some of the items we need to look at reducing and ultimately eliminating from our homes. A great way to do so is by purchasing eco garbage bags. When you have waste to dispose of, you will be doing it in an environmentally friendly way. Urban Ethos offers the best quality of garbage bags on the market, which are 100% sustainable, renewable and perfect for your household food and garden waste.

Reduce some of our carbon footprint by utilising these durable garbage bags that are 100% sustainable, renewable, carbon positive and made of sugarcane derived bio-plastic. Available in multiple sizes to fit your household bin, these lightweight, high-strength eco-friendly bin bags are perfect for your home - keeping our planet fresh and your home sustainable. Eco rubbish bags have never looked so good for our environment and are the best way to start living a sustainable lifestyle. Each small step to reducing your carbon footprint has a positive impact on our planet.