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SugarWrap Eco Cling Wrap
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Urban Ethos is absolutely stocked to sell eco-friendly cling wrap for Aussie homes.

In a world where the environment is the number one pressing issue of our time, we can all play a part in ensuring our carbon footprint stays minimal. One of the world’s major environmental issues, especially in terms of individual use, is that of plastic use. Currently, a whopping 80% of all marine debris is plastic, and this debris leads to the death of millions of birds and marine life annually.  

So, what are some of the ways in which we Aussies can help out from home? By reducing plastic wastage, of course! And the best room in the house to start in has to be that of the kitchen - the place where plastic is all-too-easily allowed to thrive.

The best biodegradable cling wrap going round

Our compostable cling film is made to do just that: be turned into compost! The first product of its kind, SugarWrap is made from corn-based PLA, a product which can help the food stay fresh for as long as petroleum-based plastics, if not even longer. 

After you’ve used it, you can just add it to your compost - it’s that simple! You don’t have to worry about taking in all those nasty chemicals from regular cling film plastics or the harm said plastics are doing to the environment - it’s a winner on so many levels…

Make being green your urban ethos

There are so many choices we make in our daily lives that can determine our personal impact on the environment: the food we eat, the way we commute and what kind of products we use around the house. 

Whilst making the green switch is a conscious decision, it’s something that becomes easy over time until it can eventually be exactly that: your “urban ethos”! This is why we call ourselves that: we want to help you make positive product choices around your home so that we can give things like nasty plastics a miss down the track.

SugarWrap is the perfect place to start. Find the very best biodegradable cling wrap products, available in a 30 metre roll, right here at the Urban Ethos online store and feel free to get in contact with our friendly team if you want to find out any more information about our amazing, earth-friendly products.