Why Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Becoming More Popular In Australia

Posted on July 26 2022

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly toilet paper option, bamboo toilet paper is a great choice. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that grows quickly, so it doesn't put a strain on the environment. Urban Ethos offers bamboo toilet paper that is free of harmful chemicals and fragrances, so you can feel good about using it. Plus, it's affordable and easy to find in stores across Australia.

In shifting to more conscious shopping habits, it's easy to overlook high-consumption products like toilet paper. What harm can toilet paper produce? Well, a lot. From the manufacturing of the product to discarding the packaging and tubes it comes with. That’s plenty of damage and waste. That is why Urban Ethos is proud to provide you with an essential replacement for your traditional toilet paper choices.

In order to reduce the harmful effects of global warming, we must switch to sustainable shopping practices. We all have a responsibility to make sure the corporations polluting our planet hear our money. We’re on a mission to make sustainable living easy and fun for everyone. And what’s more important than saving the planet? Saving your tushy!

How Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Different?

Bamboo toilet paper is made up of 100% bamboo pulp. Bamboo is a sustainable grass that grows back quickly after being harvested. It doesn't require the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals to thrive, making it a much more eco-friendly option than traditional toilet paper.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Toilet Paper?

You’ve probably wondered if environmentally friendly toilet paper is really any different from regular toilet paper. After all, they both get the job done, right? Wrong!

The purchase of bamboo toilet paper influences the supply and demand for eco-friendly toilet paper! The best part is that bamboo toilet paper is manufactured in a forest-friendly environment, and does not contain bleach, ink, or dyes. Unlike traditional toilet paper, our eco-friendly paper contains no scents or chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Bamboo toilet paper is far superior to regular toilet paper in a number of ways, and once you switch to it, you'll never go back! Bamboo is a sustainable and fast-growing renewable resource, so using bamboo toilet paper helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so it's much gentler on your skin than regular toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is stronger and more absorbent than traditional toilet paper. It is also hypoallergenic and biodegradable, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin or who are looking for a more environmentally friendly product.

Where can I buy bamboo toilet paper?

You can purchase bamboo toilet paper from Urban Ethos. We are an online store based in Australia that stocks a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Is there any chemical content in bamboo toilet paper?

No, there is no chemical content in bamboo toilet paper. It is made from 100% natural bamboo pulp and is completely safe for use.

Bamboo toilet paper is a great alternative to traditional paper products that are made from trees. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that regenerates quickly, so it doesn't put a strain on the environment as tree-based products do. Additionally, bamboo toilet paper is just as soft and strong as regular toilet paper, so you can enjoy a comfortable experience without sacrificing quality.

Bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo pulp, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tree-based paper products. Bamboo grows quickly and doesn't require the use of pesticides or herbicides, making it a more sustainable option. Additionally, bamboo toilet paper is often softer and more sensitive.

Looking for a more sustainable option for toilet paper?

Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing grass, making it a much more sustainable option than trees when it comes to toilet paper. You can be sure that your toilet paper is coming from a sustainable and ethical source. Urban ethos' bamboo toilet paper is also super soft and gentle on sensitive skin, making it the perfect option for everyone. So why not make the switch to bamboo today? Your bum will thank you for it!

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