What is the Best Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner?

Posted on August 17 2022

Bathrooms are often the last place people think about when they consider buying eco cleaning products, and yet, they are one of the most important places to use a non-toxic cleaner. The shift in the world’s usage of daily products from toxic to sustainable is quite impressive. People are becoming more aware, responsible, and increasingly careful about what products they use. Of course, living sustainably benefits not only the environment, but you and your loved ones, too - it’s a win for all. So, for people like you who care about themselves and others, and are willing to make a difference, eco-friendly cleaning products are a great alternative to hazardous ones.

Why should you use eco cleaning products for your bathroom?

There are many reasons to buy eco-friendly bathroom cleaners. They’re better for your health, they don’t pollute the air or water, and they’re often just as effective as their toxic counterparts.  Let’s explore some of these benefits in more detail.

Eco-friendly bathroom cleaners are made without harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health. When you use traditional cleaning products, you expose yourself to chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals can cause health problems like respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even cancer. In fact, some of the chemical-intensive bathroom cleaners can leave a residue that might mix in the steam and end up in your lungs through the air.

Many bathroom cleaners often contain glycol ethers, which can cause central nervous system disorders and skin irritation. Tile and grout cleaners may also contain monoethanolamine, a caustic chemical that can trigger asthma and liver damage. Fortunately, there are now sustainable bathroom cleaning alternatives that are just as effective as traditional products but without the harmful chemicals. These sustainable cleaning products are made with natural ingredients that are safe for both you and the environment. So next time you reach for the bathroom cleaner, make sure it is one of these sustainable alternatives.

Which eco cleaning products are best for your bathroom?

Urban Ethos is known for its contribution in sustainable products. The eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products are good for you and your family. They are toxin-free, safe for your home, and available in a wide range of products to choose from so that you can breathe better and safer.

Eco Turtles Starter Kit

This kit contains reusable spray bottles and cleaning tablets that make bathroom cleaning a breeze of air! The products are biodegradable and eco-certified, so you can put your mind at ease that you are making a great decision for not just your home, but for the world when you purchase the Eco Turtles Starter Kit for quickly cleaning and removing odours from your bathroom.

You can also try out the Bathroom Eco Cleaning products set to leave your bathroom with a gentle floral scent with an anti-limescale effect. Take a look through Urban Ethos’ range of sustainable cleaning products and fill up your cart responsibly today! 

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