What are Reusable Coffee Cups Made From?

Posted on August 17 2022

Bad is not the new good anymore. Sustainable and responsible is the new good. 

If you were to find out that the coffee cups you takeaway every morning as you ride to work are not recyclable, would you be surprised? Not all cups that look like they are made from recyclable materials are recyclable. That is where a keep cup comes in. The R in ‘Recycle’ is actually ‘Re-use’. The more reusable products you use, the lesser waste you produce. 

A world without reusable cups

There are many recyclable products circulating the market now as opposed to before. With increased awareness in people, there may still be hope for the world, after all. Billions of people across the world drink coffee at least once a day, and if all those people would continue to use non-recyclable or non-reusable cups, just imagine the amount of carbon footprint produced globally in just one day by just one act! The damage to our environment, and our health, would then be uncontrollable. 

However, reusable cups are even better than recyclable cups. That is because recyclable cups need to be thrown away after one use in most cases, and that is why they use a lot of resources to maintain the supply. On the other hand, reusable cups are used multiple times and need to be produced lesser in number to meet the demand, thus reducing waste of resources as well.   

Why should you switch to a reusable coffee cup?

Reusing makes the coffee cups efficient, economic, eco-friendly, and convenient. Not only do reusable coffee cups generally come in amazing designs that make them look good, but also they are easy to maintain as they get squeaky clean easily. Look at this best-selling cup to have an idea of how stylish they can be.

Another great reason to use a keep cup is that they retain heat better than other cups, letting you enjoy warm coffee until the last sip even in winter. So, they look good, clean easily, and stay warm. Nice!

What are reusable cups made of?

No more worrying about dangerous toxins in your coffee - or in your environment!

Reusable coffee cups are mostly made from plastic-free materials. Urban Ethos uses natural fibre, corn starch, and plant-based resin to produce the keep cup. The silicone used in the lid and sleeve is also food-grade and free from latex. 

The most important benefit of having a reusable cup other than being environmentally responsible is that they make your coffee taste better. That’s correct! The reusable cups are also made from steel, borosilicate glass, or other non-absorbent materials which allow you to have the true taste of your coffee as opposed to plastic coffee cups that absorb some flavour. 

Whether you are at home, on a date, at work, or just on the go, reusable coffee cups can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference. Do you have an Urban Ethos favourite reusable cup yet? Check out this classy coffee cup - it makes for a cute gift, too!

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