What eco-friendly products can replace plastic?

Posted on December 16 2021

Plastic was an incredible invention, in that it was made to last forever, the problem with this is that once we’ve finished with our single-use plastics, where do they go? While very convenient to use, these products consume so much time, money and effort to be made only to wind up in landfills, on the side of the road, in parks, nature or the ocean.

Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways we can help stop this wastage and the damage being done by plastics to our world. By switching out your plastics for these eco-friendly alternatives you can be a part of the solution. 

Stainless steel or bamboo straws

Around 2.47 billion plastic straws in Australia end up in landfills. Once disposed of, plastic straws are so lightweight they can easily be blown into the ocean and waterways. Plastic straws can be extremely dangerous for our marine wildlife, where they can be accidently ingested or lodged in places where they can cause harm. 

There is a very easy solution to this problem, using eco-friendly straws. These days you can find bamboo and stainless steel straws in every supermarket, in gift shops and newsagents as well as your local organic shop. For those looking for a flexible alternative, you can even use paper straws, reusable silicone straws and compostable plant-based straws. 

Compostable cling wrap

A great way to help turn your home into a waste-free space is to have an eco-kitchen. This means getting rid of plastic cutlery and plates, as well as fixing the way you choose to store your food. In an eco-kitchen, there is nothing worse than cling wrap covered food and containers. That plastic can only be used once and when the food is gone, it’s going in the bin. Like straws, cling wrap can find its way to numerous places that it doesn’t belong.

An easy alternative is to use compostable cling wrap or eco wrap. They provide the same protection and usability as plastic cling wrap, but they can be composted at home after use. 

Reusable coffee cups

Keep cups don’t just look pretty they are also helping to save our planet. Most takeaway coffee cups can’t be recycled because they’re made with a plastic lining. Here in Australia, we love our coffee so much that if we lined up our coffee cups, we used each year, it would reach around the world twice. 

Pretty much all coffee shops nowadays accept keep cups, it’s a pretty easy way to help keep those paper cups and plastic lids away from landfills and the ocean. 

Eco-friendly sandwich bags

Another thing that can be found in any eco-kitchen is eco-friendly sandwich bags. You can find plastic-free zip lock sandwich bags that offer the same durability and sealability as plastic ones, that are safer to use and are sustainable and better for the environment. 

Bamboo cotton buds

Many people used cotton buds every day, to clean out their ears, to take their makeup off or use them to help heal cuts and wounds. In fact, 1.5 billion cotton buds are made every day and the average person disposes of 415 a year. Unfortunately, most of these cotton buds end up in the ocean and once the cotton tip dissolves all that’s left is the plastic stick that can easily be ingested by marine life. 

There are many alternatives though to using plastic cotton buds, such as using fluid ear wash instead or going for organic cotton makeup pads or bamboo cotton buds. They do the trick just as well and are friendly to the environment. 

Make the switch

When it comes to making a big difference, it’s all about the small changes. Here at Urban Ethos, we want to help you make those small changes, by offering great eco-friendly products at a reasonable price. Head to our store to see our range of products to help you make these small changes for the better.

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