Start your seeds in empty toilet rolls!

Posted on October 05 2021

Start your seeds in empty toilet rolls!

Starting your seeds in empty toilet rolls can give them the best chance of growing into healthy, productive plants. Not only is it sustainable and economical but also great for your seedlings.

Sowing seeds in empty toilet rolls may sound a little strange, but it has some great advantages.

  • It's economical and reduces environmental waste.
  • Cardboard tubes are biodegradable and fully decompose in soil.
  • When it's time for planting out, the roll and its seedling can be transplanted together, reducing transplantation shock and potential root damage.

Simply fill the tube with potting soil, and then use it in the same way as any other container. The tall tubes are prone to falling over, especially as the seedling grows and becomes top-heavy, so make sure the tubes are well supported in an Urban Ethos green box or reusable container. If your toilet rolls are too long, consider cutting them to a more suitable length. 

Once the seedlings are ready for planting out, the entire tube and its contents can be transplanted to their final home. Some gardeners like to gently tear or cut the tube down one side to speed up decomposition, but in most soils, this won't be necessary.

Your seedlings should now be strong and healthy enough to grow to maturity in the open soil. Their cardboard nursery pots will decompose within a few months, adding extra texture to your soil as a welcome bonus.

Start saving your empty Bamper toilet rolls now and build your vegetable garden for Spring! 

Image by @emilymelbourne

Image by @emilymelbourne

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