Do organic cleaners actually kill bacteria?

Posted on March 29 2022

Bacteria is a part of our daily life. While not visible with the human eye, they are all around us in massive quantities. We are surrounded by good bacteria that keep our physical health in working order so that the harmful bacteria do not cause infections. But to keep ourselves safe, it is important to keep disinfecting our spaces so that the harmful bacteria do not cause infections and illnesses. 

The most important part of keeping a house clean and tidy is making sure that all surfaces that are frequently touched are disinfected. An easy solution to this problem already exists – chemical-based household cleaners. However, these harsh cleaners have already raised concerns about our physical health and the health of our ecosystem. The alternative is organic, natural-based cleaners that have fewer side effects to your physical health and are biodegradable. But the question looms: are organic cleaners actually effective in disinfecting our spaces and killing bacteria? Let’s dive in to see what organic cleaners are and how they can help. 

What are organic cleaners? 

Essentially, organic cleaners are eco-friendly cleaning products that are made with a few things in mind. Being conscious of your well-being, as well as of our ecosystem is the top priority when making an eco-friendly cleaner. Organic cleaners contribute to creating a healthier and safer home environment.

With these products, you do not have to worry about your kids or pets getting harmed through exposure to strong chemicals. Keeping the overall health of your home in mind, organic cleaners also prevent indoor pollution, an often-overlooked outcome of using harsh chemicals. Here at Urban Ethos, we make sure that our eco-friendly cleaning products are made with organic ingredients that minimise the risk of exposure to petrochemical ingredients and toxins. 

How do organic cleaners actually work?

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products, or organic cleaners, work in the same way that any other standard household cleaner would work. Time and again, research has indicated that you can keep your home just as clean in a cheaper and safer way by using organic cleaners. Eco-friendly cleaning products are made with natural products in environmentally-friendly and ethical production processes. 

The added bonus is that eco-friendly cleaning products are much safer for the environment because they contain biodegradable materials. Chemical-based cleaners come in single-use plastic containers that end up in landfills, or at the bottom of the ocean. Organic cleaners, on the other hand, come in refillable bottles, and have sustainable packaging. These factors, along with the fact that organic cleaners are made with all-natural ingredients, makes eco-friendly cleaning products the greener, safer choice. 

Chemical-based cleaners do more than killing bacteria

Harsh chemical-based cleaners include products that you as a consumer would not recognise. Due to complicated ingredients and limited options between these household cleaners, it can be difficult to understand which cleaners can be trusted and which cannot. A good start would be to look for ingredients that you can recognize. 

Standard household cleaners contain tough chemicals that can have detrimental effects to your family’s health. Organic cleaners are a safer option because they prevent health risks such as chemical poisoning, or skin irritation. Eco-friendly cleaners do not contain tough chemicals like ammonia or chlorine, both of which can irritate your skin, eyes, and make allergies or respiratory illnesses worse. 

Make the sustainable choice

As consumers, we understand that you have an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. However, it is worth it to take the time to understand how the products we use are being made and what goes into them. As the world moves towards sustainability and finding natural and biodegradable alternatives to daily life, an organic cleaner is a small change that can go a long way. 

At Urban Ethos, we believe in conducting thorough research on our products so that you can trust us to provide safe materials for your family. Our eco-friendly cleaning products have an ecological cleaning products certification that guarantees the use of organic ingredients and prohibits the use of petrochemical ingredients. Check out our range of products to find the perfect fit for your family!

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