SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags - Medium
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SugarWrap Eco Zipper Bags - Sandwich
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SugarWrap Eco Zipper Bags - Large
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SugarWrap SugarWrap Eco Freezer Bags Large 50 PK
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Do you want to help the environment and make a conscious effort in reducing your carbon footprint? One of the best (and easiest) ways you can do this is by buying eco-friendly products for recycling.
When it comes to waste disposal, reusable rubbish bags and sturdy sandwich and freezer bags that can be washed and reused – or safely recycled or discarded after use – are much kinder to the environment. Not only do these products help reduce general plastic consumption, but also landfill buildup – something that is essential in our fight against climate change!
At Urban Ethos, we source and develop some of the very best brands in sustainability. Our range of home and lifestyle products provides consumers with easy ways to take steps towards a greener future through making less waste, being more environmentally conscious, and leading overall healthier lives.

Eco-Friendly Bags and Wraps for Daily Use

Taking the initiative to use eco-friendly products for recycling can go a long way in preserving our planet. Everyday products such as rubbish bags, sandwich bags, freezer bags and cling wraps contribute heavily to landfill waste. Think about it, how many of these items do you use on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis? By switching out traditional plastic and low or non-degradable options for sustainable, eco–friendly ones, the cumulative impact your purchases have becomes huge!
At Urban Ethos, our various SugarWrap brand eco-friendly products offer this easy alternative. If you use rubbish bags (and who doesn’t?), then the SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags serve as the perfect environmentally  beneficial substitute. 

On the other hand, traditional plastic or cling wrap – typically used to seal food items and keep them fresh – is no match for the SugarWrap Eco Compostable Cling Wrap. Made from corn-based PLA, this handy everyday kitchen product is completely compostable. 
Their eco-friendly zipper bags and freezer bags are also perfect alternatives to single-use competitors. They keep foods fresh and secure but relieve you of a guilty conscience from knowing they’ll end up in a landfill post-use. The thick, sugarcane plastics these bags are built from help keep food fresh and protect it from freezer burn.

Why Use Eco-Friendly SugarWrap Bags and Wraps?

It’s never been more important to make small, everyday choices that will affect our planet in a positive way. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to buy eco-friendly sandwich bags, freezer bags, rubbish bags, and more – items that we use on an everyday basis.
SugarWrap products are the perfect way to reduce your plastic consumption at large, providing an eco-friendly solution for our future. Each of their kitchen range products is made from sustainable sugarcane Bio-PE renewable material, and the manufacturing of these items follows a green and sustainable path from beginning to end! The Bio-PE used in 
SugarWrap products is made from Brazilian sugarcane, has no impact on global food production, and has no impact on important Amazon rainforest areas.

Plus, SugarWrap products are effective! Each item from the brand offers the same functionality and durability as regular petroleum-based plastic products but is completely sustainable, renewable, and carbon positive. This makes for a stellar green choice to keep your food, health, and our planet clean and fresh.

As a great, environmentally positive alternative to everyday household plastic products, using SugarWrap over regular plastic products is both better for your family's health and the environment. The SugarWrap collection is lightweight, high-strength, durable, and offers better quality results than conventional plastic products.

Buy Eco-Friendly Recyclable Products - Support the Cause and Be Part of the Solution

Through eco-friendly and sustainable brands such as SugarWrap, we at Urban Ethos strive to help you make positive choices that make our planet a greener place. The best place to start when looking at how to create positive change in the world is with small, everyday choices!

Our range of SugarWrap products provides an effortless alternative to harmful everyday household products. Urban Ethos stocks the following handy, environmentally friendly Sugar Wrap products:

  • Eco Rubbish Bags
  • Eco Cling Wrap
  • Eco Zipper Bags
  • Eco Zipper Sandwich Bags
  • Eco Freezer

And if you’re looking to make your kitchen wholly eco-friendly, our range is also available as a SugarWrap bundle.

Start making a difference today and buy eco-friendly freezer bags, rubbish bags, sandwich bags, and cling wrap! It’s never been easier to swap out your harmful everyday plastic products. Shop now, and contact us for more information.