Freezer Bags

Urban Ethos is thrilled to stock eco-friendly freezer bags for Aussie homes.

Think about it for a second: how much plastic does your kitchen alone use up? You have utensils, cleaning products, storage bags, the list goes on… 

Unfortunately, a lot of the plastics we use in the home end up in our lakes, rivers and oceans. Currently, as estimated 12 million tonnes of plastic pollute Earth’s waterways every year, and you can only imagine the kind of destruction this causes on marine life and seabird populations. 

This is all because humans are using too much petroleum-based plastic - but it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, you can find awesome, environmentally-conscious products that can easily be substituted for those nasty, ocean-polluting plastics, and Urban Ethos’ collection of eco-friendly freezer bags is no exception!

Eco freezer storage bags for conscious Aussies!

We want to be part of the solution, and for you to join us on this journey towards an era where even individuals can play a significant role in improving the Earth’s environmental standard. Although we know there is a ridiculously huge amount of work to be done at the top levels of Auspol, there are things we can do in the home that can have a positive impact on our environment. 

One of the best ways to start is through high quality, eco freezer bags! SugarWrap is a company that is revolutionising how we deal with plastics: they are creating all kinds of storage solutions using renewable materials like that of sugarcane Bio-PE, a highly sustainable material that is made with Brazilian sugarcane waste far from the Amazon Rainforest.

If you’ve been thinking about ways you can make greener choices for your daily life and your home, consider the impact kitchen plastics have on our environment, and that you can make an awesome difference by picking up some of these highly sustainable eco-friendly storage bags!

It’s easy going green

Somewhere along the way we as humans became dependent on the bad stuff: petroleum-based plastics that were, and are still, cheap to make and cause serious harm to our health and already fragile ecosystem.

So, we’ve decided to make a difference and only use eco-friendly materials that actually help our planet regenerate! You’ll find these awesome products right here at our online store (and so much more)...