What Are Bathroom Cleaning Tablets And How To Use Them

Posted on March 29 2022

Most of us don't question that a sparkling clean bathroom will necessitate some major elbow grease because it's become such an accepted part of our cleaning routines. But it's 2022, and robots can now vacuum and mop our floors for us! And now the magical cleaning tablet is arrived to help us spend less time scrubbing. 

More companies have been introducing fizzy cleaning tablets to clean everything from toilet bowls to reusable water bottles in recent years. We won't have to break down residue or fight stains with needless scrubbing anymore because these hardworking tablets will do it for us.

Not only are there cleaning tablets that you can simply drop and forget to get your cleaning done. You can do away with any harsh chemicals and smelly all-purpose sprays with dissolvable cleaning tablets such as Eco Turtles Bathroom Cleaning Tablets.

These eco-friendly cleaning tablets are marvellous as they do away with plastic single-use spray bottles. They require no shaking or mixing, are biodegradable and have an anti-limescale effect that you can use on most standard bathroom surfaces. 

How to use bathroom cleaning tablets

There are no tricks or complicated instructions to follow when using bathroom cleaning tablets, making them even more of a better choice for your cleaning! 

All you have to have is the cleaning tablet and a reusable 750ml spray bottle. Simply fill the spray bottle with clean water and insert the tablet into the open bottle. Like we previously mentioned, you don’t have to stir the water or mix the tablet around to help it dissolve. Once the tablet is inside the bottle, wait until the tablet has fully dissolved, and then you can close the top. 

It’s really that simple!

Follow these steps, and the next thing to do is spray the solution onto your desired surface and wipe it clean. 

Benefits of cleaning tablets

There are so many reasons why we think you should switch to eco-friendly cleaning tablets for your bathroom and the rest of your house, and they all lie within the confidence we have in Eco Turtles cleaning tablets.

Their cleaning tablets are developed using natural or naturally derived ingredients, plus they are cruelty-free. 

When searching for the perfect eco-friendly cleaning tablet, it’s vital to check their certifications, such as EcoCert, which is the largest certification organisation in the world. To have this certification, products must be gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, plus have many other planet-friendly benefits. Eco turtles products, including their cleaning tablets, are ECOCERT certified. 

Things to remember when using cleaning tablets

We get many questions from our customers asking about cleaning tablets, how to use them, how they work and so on. Here are some tips we have for using these cleaning tablets.

Always make sure your tablet has completely dissolved before using and you only need one tablet for one bottle. Each tablet is designed to produce the ideal amount of cleaning solution for your reusable Spray Bottle. One bathroom cleaner tablet makes 750ml of cleaning solution.

We strongly advocate using our Eco Turtles Reusable Spray Bottle with our eco tablets for our cleaners because they were built specifically for these tablets. Our bottles are colour-coded for simple identification, shatterproof, made for re-use, will not leak over time, and are 100% recyclable.

You can use any Eco Turtle Reusable Spray Bottle with any tablet pack. Still, the labels on the bottles are permanent, so we recommend re-labelling or remembering which cleaner you're using with your bottle. Each spray bottle is colour co-ordinated with each cleaning solution:

One question we get asked a lot is whether it's normal that your cleaner has little pieces at the bottom of the bottle. The answer is yes; it’s simply a little bit of undissolved debris from the tablet. A little more time will help these to dissolve. 

Try our cleaning tablets

It’s never too late to make the switch to more eco-friendly and user-friendly cleaning products such as our eco-friendly cleaning tablets. Head here to look through all of our cleaning products. 

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