How Using Soap Tablets Can Reduce Your Waste Footprint

Posted on June 14 2022

Whatever you want to call it: sustainable cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning or green cleaning, the number of enterprises and households using ecologically conscious cleaning solutions has risen dramatically in recent years. 

Every year, billions of litres of chemicals and supplies are used to clean the world. As a result, our wastewater contains anywhere from 80,000 to 140,000 chemical pollutants from cleaning products.

With so much worry across the world about climate change and the harmful effects of our contemporary way of life on the environment, it's no surprise that corporations, schools and families are recognising the necessity of making a difference. 

Plastic waste

Plastic trash is still a significant problem around the world, but you may help the environment by using soluble cleaning products.

The most popular form of these eco-friendly cleaners is concentrated liquid in micro refill bottles or soluble tablets, although they can also be found as sachets or sheets. They all dissolve in water (typically just cold water from the faucet), so all you have to do is put one in an empty spray bottle, fill it up, shake it well, and start cleaning.

Do away with single-use

Many standard cleaning products are packed in single-use plastic bottles that you cannot effectively recycle due to the toxic and corrosive chemicals contained within. Only 5% of all plastic manufactured in the world is ever recycled. Consider how many bottles of toilet cleaner or all-purpose spray your household goes through and how many of those bottles wind up in the landfill or in the ocean. 

You can use cleaning tablets to refill cleaning spray bottles, hand sanitisers, and hand soaps, avoiding the usage of difficult-to-recycle plastic.

Save water

You're probably not thinking about the amount of water in each bottle as you toss cleaning supplies into your shopping cart. However, the water-packed solution's route to get to your bathroom cabinet can have a significant environmental impact. 

One of the main factors behind the production of eco-friendly cleaning tablets is the energy used in shipping water, which Australians can easily obtain at home. Using a dissolvable cleaning tablet and reusable spray bottle, rather than liquid cleaners, can help you lower your carbon impact because you’re actually using less water than what is used to make and ship regular cleaning products. 

Using fewer chemicals

Regular cleaning products contain a variety of dangerous compounds, including ammonia, phthalates, chlorine, nonoxynols, and many others. 

When you use these sprays and cleansers in your home, they typically leave a residue on surfaces and emit fumes into the air, contributing to pollution. While the components in regulated goods have been determined to be safe, there is a long-term danger associated with them, as well as a lack of transparency in labelling and what each product truly includes. It is not uncommon for people to have skin irritation and allergic reactions due to these toxic compounds. 

Natural substances like as lactic acid, citric acid, and enzymes, on the other hand, are far less abrasive and overpowering in eco-friendly goods like these dissolvable cleaning tablets.

Save money 

The price of items varies depending on where you get them; non-toxic cleaning products can be found in most supermarkets and retailers, and you can even produce your own natural cleaning products. 

There are long-term benefits to utilising eco-friendly cleaning products in addition to the environmental and health benefits. You can avoid significant wear and tear on your property by using natural alternatives to abrasive, chemical cleaning solutions and perhaps enjoy more prolonged periods of time before having to repair surfaces and units. Saving money is an underappreciated yet crucial aspect of waste reduction. You can put the money you save towards something else in your life.

Do your part and clean green

By using dissolvable soap tablets, we can drastically reduce our waste footprint and carbon footprint. Many eco-friendly cleaning products – like eco-friendly cleaning tablets and hand sanitiser tablets – help reduce plastic waste by not using single-use bottles, save on excess water found in regular cleaning products and don’t contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet.  

Urban Ethos has all you need to clean green and minimise your waste footprint.

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