Ecoffee Cup

Bright, colourful reusable coffee cups and a must-have eco accessory, but how many reusable cups are made from sustainable materials? Ecoffee Cup’s reusable coffee cups are focused on bringing you a product that not only helps reduce disposable cups from entering landfill but are made using natural fibre, corn starch and plant-based resin. With so many reusable cups on the market, Ecoffee Cup is unique by developing its coffee cups out of eco-friendly materials. So, not only are you being sustainable by choosing to reuse, you are choosing the best reusable cup for our planet.

Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, Urban Ethos offers a great range of Ecoffee Cups for you to choose from. Naturally sterile with no plastic aftertaste, they’ll bring an added perk to your morning coffee. Dishwasher safe and free of latex, BPA, BPS and phthalate, these light and bright coffee cups is the safest and healthiest alternative for your family to use at home or when on the go. Despite the popularity of reusable cups, there are still billions of single-use cups manufactured each year and we all know how polluting they are for our environment. Using a reusable coffee cup is such an easy way to do your part in helping the environment, and Ecoffee Cup is here to help you with that.